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won2001      2016-08-18
'Islam for Dummies.' ISIS Recruits Don't Know Much about Their FaithRecruitment forms found in war ravaged Syria asked Islamic State applicants to rate their knowledge of Islam on a scale of one to three. Most chose "one."An analysis byThe Associated Pressof thousands of leaked Islamic State documents reveals 70 percent of recruits came with only the most basic knowledge of Islam.Twenty-four percent had "intermediate" knowledge and just 5 percent were advanced in
won2001      2016-08-18
Chinese Govt. Resumes Show Trials to Suppress Human Rights DissentChinese officials put three human rights activists and one lawyer on trial this month in the eastern city of Tianjin. One defendant was found guilty of subversion and received a three-year suspended prison sentence.The four are among approximately 300 human rights activists and lawyers arrested or questioned by the government in a crackdown that began in July, 2015.Human rights activist, Gou Hongguo was convicted of subverting sta